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Labyrinth by Chef LG Han, is a new expression of Singapore cuisine.

As an avenue that boasts the produce Singapore has to offer, Labyrinth is engaged in a deeper conversation with local farmers, fishermen and fishery ports.  It is an exploration of age-old recipes, and an expression of local flavours and food memories. Chef LG Han unveils a contemporary dining experience that pays tribute to Singapore and his late grandparents, evoking a multitude of memories and emotions.

A symbiosis of the farms – on soil and in water – and the kitchen, Labyrinth takes diners on an exploration through the pairing of flavours and profiles of local produce inspired by chef’s memories of growing up in Singapore; challenging the myths and pre-conceived notions of Singapore.

Labyrinth_Chilli Crab_Credit John Heng.j

Chef LG Han

Labyrinth, the brainchild of Chef-Owner LG Han, encapsulates his roots and memories growing up in Singapore.

Chef LG’s culinary philosophy hinges on responsibly understanding produce, ingredients and taste profiles, while championing a locavore cause of supporting local community. Labyrinth’s 90% locally source menu is a sensorial expressions of his childhood food memories – especially those of grandma’s – a relentless enlivenment of traditional recipes and techniques, and the passion of local farmers.


A deconstruction and reinterpretation of ‘traditions’, inspired by the ever-changing beauty of nature, Singapore food is forever reimagined at Labyrinth.

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